live everyday like its your las

Our problem in life is that we are always delaying living it thinking we have got so much time left. No matter how close our death might be we still think it’s so far away. we still think we can start working tomorrow or the day after that or maybe next month, next year because we’ve still got time. But the truth is that you don’t know if you’ve got time or not. you don’t know if you are gonna take that next breath and you don’t if you are gonna wake up tomorrow. So, stop procrastinating and delaying everything because you’re never sure how many seconds you’ve got left so start now. Live everyday like it’s your last day on earth. Stop delaying happiness, adventure,work and life. If this truly is your last day on earth, what will you do? The answer for this question cannot be delayed. You have to get up and do it. If you truly wanna live.


Dear, young me

Hi, young salwa. I am you and i won’t ask you ”How you are doing?” because i know. I know everything. I Know you are struggling right now but don’t be too upset because, everything that is happening now to you all this sadness, all these tears and all this pain is what made you who you are today. It surprisingly made you stronger. I remember how you used to think what a stupid phrase ” what doesn’t kill you makes you  stronger ” was  but, it turned out to be so true salwa. And another thing that is so true is that life comes in seasons and that you will never be sad for too long. You are actually happy now. I mean you still have bad days a lot but overall you’re happy and life is great. I know it’s a shock for you. You never thought you would be happy again but life surprised you. And i am really glad you didn’t give and i know how bad you wanted to sometimes.But thank you for not giving up because, life is beautiful and there’s tons in it you haven’t found out yet and you will keep discovering how beautiful it is until the day you die. Did you know that you became a writer? Who would have thought you salwa adly could write. I mean i had no idea. And you made a blog too. See things are working out  pretty good. well, the blog isn’t that big at all and i barely have likes or followers but i promise you i won’t give up just like i did before because i am sure things will work out at the end. You finally  know now what you wanna do and major in college. I Know you had such a hard time deciding and looking at different majors but i think you picked the right choice.your friend Dana left school. I Knew you were so upset about it but things are fine now and actually you friendship became better and you became closer. Also your childhood best friend lara returned to your school and you guys became closer than ever. You went to the philippines and you had so much fun there. Gossip girl is still one of your favorite shows, friends as well but sadly glee isn’t anymore. I Know you are so surprised right now because how much i used to love it but trust me it isn’t the same anymore and ever since cory monteith died i stopped watching it. Omg i forgot you don’t know he died but sadly he did. you will cry a lot but you will forget about it a little later. You know what is one of your favorite shows now. You will never guess it. The vampire Diares. I Know I Know you never liked it or even understood it but trust me it’s such an amazing show. You will fall in love with it. I think that’s pretty much all what changed. I have to go now but i hope to see you again. Bye salwa and i wish you the best. May the odds be forever in your favor 🙂

I Would also really love to hear what you guy’s would say to your younger self’s or any advice you have for them because it’s really interesting to know and it may help someone out there who is struggling with a problem you once had. So, feel free to write anything or any advice you have in the comments below. Thank you and i love you so much 🙂

Life is too short

I’ve been living with this mantra lately and i can tell it had a good impact on my life. The mantra is ” Life is too short to ………”. I fill these spaces with basically anything in my life. In every situation i use this mantra . Because yess life is too short. Its too short to miss on being really really happy. Its too short to stay mad at the one’s you love. Its too short to not chase your dreams. Its too short to not make these dreams come true. Its too short to not speak your mind and finally its too short to miss it out. So, always smile, always be happy, always dream , dream until the dream come true.

My february

Hi,guys and welcome back to my blog . Today i am gonna tell you guys all about my month. I really love posting this kind of posts and i hope you guys do as well and lets get right into it .

What i’ve been doing ;

  • Back to school : This month i returned back to school after my mid year vacation which only lasted for 2 months .But its okay as it was really needed. School now isn’t that bad and i am really enjoying spending time there with my friends as school is almost over for me.So, I am trying to make the most of my school days and that’s what i recommend everyone to do.
  • Went to cairo book fair : This month was really exciting for me as i got to go to cairo international book fair which is only held once a year. It was my first time going and it was so much fun . I got 7 books for such a cheaper price which again is just perfect as i really enjoy reading and sometimes books can get a little pricey.                                                                                   I got 5 english books which are : Eleanor and park, the book thief,looking for alaska, the book of life, adultery .if you guys read any of these books i would love to hear you guy’s opinion on them.

My favourites:

  • Friends tv show
  • Note books
  • Earing

My happy moments:

  • Art’s arts reply: one day, i was feeling really down and i was crying in my bed . I didn’t feel like doing anything that day until while i was crying i checked my blog where i found a reply on community pool for my feedback on Art’s arts blog ( Which is a wonderful blog btw) . In that comment she thanked me for my feedback and told me how she also really enjoyed reading my blog ” your blog is great, inspirational and well written” she wrote and she quoted one of my phrases in one of posts. It was ” MAKE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE ”. Her comment really made my day and reminded me of who i am and my words. And how i aim to help others so i should stop weeping and start helping myself. so, i can really help others. After reading that comment i stopped crying, opened my laptop and started writing . So, a huge thank you to Art’s arts. I love you.
  • Secret valentine: this year me and my friends decided to do a SECRET VALENTINE. we took the idea from secret santa and added our touch on it. It was perfect as we are all single. It was so much fun and i will definitely will be doing it next year because who am i kidding i will still be single. But it doesn’t matter because i am happy and i have amazing friends.

So, guys this was my month. Hope you guys enjoyed and i would love to hear all about your month. If you wrote a similar post i would love to check it out just leave me a link in the comments with your thoughts on my post. I love you all and thanks so much for reading. Have a great day , Byeeee 🙂

Lost boy

I saw him there on the roof , trembling upon the edge of truth

with it all coming back to him just like the wind blew his heart

He was thinking about this world wether its worth it or not

Life kept swallowing him hard … hard to believe he is never gonna get

Tears was coming through his eyes filled with memories of his life

He thought he was the mistake for what he never knew

He was wondering alone in this world trying to keep some laughter trying …  to make some sense

But he don’t … he never did .. he never understood how some shallow people and some twisted lies could make a life

And how two people could make a family maybe it is but not in his world

His world is filled with beauty ,honesty and HUMANS .. I guess after all there is a huge difference between people and humans

Humanity is being lost by people … humans are being lost by people

He looks at everyone he knows wondering why they met … asking himself about the truth

The truth he was always to blind to see

He feels so lonely in a house full of people and a world full of crowds whom he can’t seem to notice what they are screaming about

He wish he could just escape

A new place and a new name that’s all it takes

He is struggling …. that’s all i can say .

Think good (How to be more optimistic?)

we all have millions of thoughts scrolling down in our minds . Whether it’s good or bad the voice of our minds is little hard to be silenced. But the dark thoughts screaming in our brain consume us and consume our community. But with the positive mindset and with the right techniques you can overcome these dark thoughts and turn it into something that will keep you going and keep you inspired . And if you are brave enough to make this decision you will improve your life drastically. First, you need to realize that nothing is worth giving up your life for, and that life is too short to miss on being really happy. So, why worry as the famous Walt Disney said ”why worry if you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better ”, and it’s true. so, stop worrying and stop over analyzing everything because the closer you look the less you see , the more you analyze things and problems the less you understand them .

So, here’s what you need to do

1-surround yourself with positivity

Positivity is in everything around us as well as negativity. But you get to choose what to see and believe. You can either choose to see the beauty of the flower or the spikes on it. You get to choose. so, choose to see the beauty of everything , the beauty of failing this time , the beauty of losing this person and the beauty of not always getting what you want . This is the beauty of life. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies. And if you want the rainbow you got to put up with the rain.”What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude towards it. Every opportunity has a difficulty and every difficulty has an opportunity” J.Sidlow Baxter. If a tornado blows your house down. You can choose to be glad to be alive or miserable because you have lost your home, all of your stuff and maybe even someone dear to you, or maybe both. But remember that being glad that you are alive is a way to pick yourself up again so you can make a new home, new memories and new beginnings. Maybe that’s what you needed this whole time a new beginning. An end to a chapter in your life. So, you can meet new people, go somewhere new and work harder. And remember that if god took from you things you never thought you would lose .He will also give you things you never wished you would have. You need to eliminate the negative people or the surroundings that facilitate the growth of these thoughts in your mind and allowing your soul to feed on it. You don’t want these thoughts to grow in your mind. But how will they actually grow?? They will grow if you fed them and maybe even produce more dark thoughts. It’s like an animal. It will keep growing. Some people will try to sell their negative thoughts to you. Don’t buy it. Don’t let it get to you or stand in your way. And something to keep in mind is that friends are like an elevator they can either bring you up or bring you down but you also get to choose which floor to press on. So, choose your friends wisely.

2-Rule your mind

You are not your mind. Your mind is just another organ in your body like your heart or your kidneys. You control your mind. If you want to move your hand right now you will move it. Because you want it do. Because you ordered your mind to do so. So, order it to stop the negative thoughts and the over thinking. Start cleaning your mind from the negative thoughts and create better thoughts for a better life. The reason these negative thoughts keeps popping in your mind because you gave it more attention than any other thoughts. You gave importance to these thoughts and kept repeating them to yourself over and over. That’s why your brain locked these thoughts inside of it, inside of you .So, these thoughts are originally your own creation. See what happened here. You were the one who let these thoughts in your mind in the first place and your mind just obeyed you. But it’s time to make some changes. It’s time to think good and to start making some actions.

3-Practice makes perfect

Here, I am going to teach you how to develop positive thinking and a positive attitude. The first exercise is so simple. All it takes a pen and a piece of paper. Now start writing down positive notes to yourself as ”I am strong ”, ” I can do anything”, ” Nothing can stop me ”, ” and I am in control of my own thoughts ” and place them anywhere you lay your eyes on. Hang them on the walls in your room; put them inside of your bag, in your car, on your mirror and basically anywhere. What this is going to do is reminding yourself everyday of how powerful and strong you are because we as humans tend to forget that a lot. We tend to forget our blessings and our powers and sometimes even question them. The 2nd exercise will just need about 20min of your time. Select a time in the day where you can be calm in loneliness .Sit alone, breathe in and out and wear comfortable clothes. Picture yourself in a happy place like the beach with the sound of the water going back and forth in your ears , the blue color of the sky too bright for your eyes to handle and feel the sand moving between your fingers . Sit there in silence. Worry about nothing and think happily. Do this at least twice a week and you will notice a difference not only the way you think but the way you feel too. These 2 exercises will help you during your journey of developing positive thinking. It may take a while but remember that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Because you were POSSIBLE.

My January

In this post i will talk about my month , how it was , things i achieved , my favorites and what made me smile . the reason i am starting this monthly series in my blog because i think it’s fun to read and also a little inspiring and that’s what my blog is mainly about . also i feel it would inspire me too also do stuff rather than staying in bed all day . I would love to hear you guys’s  opinion on this and lets get right into it .

What I’ve been doing :

  •  Starting this blog : This month was really exciting as i finally decided to start my own blog , a place where i can aspire and inspire , where i can create and try to help others . That’s my main goal helping others but i also love to throw in some posts that are somewhat entertaining ( At least i think so ) . I would love if you guys checked my other posts and would really appreciate any feedback because every single one i meet is better than me somehow and that’s how i can learn and  of course i would return the favor .
  • Traveling : This month was so fun and i was so lucky i got to travel twice . I got to go to Saudi-Arabia . I had so much fun there , did some damage at the mall , and i am afraid to step on the scale because of how much food i ate .The other place i went to was inside of my country  I took a small trip to alexandria . i really love it there , i love the weather , the beach and the food . i had a blast there . And this was really refreshing and so needed especially after my exams and before returning back to school .

My favorites :

  • Gossip girl : I have started watching it for the second time and i am almost done . I am currently watching the last season and omg i can’t wrap my mind about how amazing these series are . I love everything about it, the script , the place (New york is my favorite city) , the clothes and the characters . A moment of silent for Blair waldorf and chuck bass . Blair waldorf is my role model and chuck bass is my dream man and they together are GOALS . I also really love Serena , Nate , Dan and lily . And i don’t know if this is only me but blair waldorf really inspires me . Anyways great show . Definitely recommend watching it if you never did (Honestly i don’t know what you’re doing with your life by not watching gossip girl) . so, go watch it NOW .
  • Sweat pants : I’ve been obsessed with sweatpants lately . I’ve been wearing them a lot , i am wearing one right  now . They are just so comfortable plus i really love how they look on .

Happy moments 

  • Listening to old stories : Ever since i was a child , i loved listening to stories especially my Dad’s stories . where he tell us about his funny days in high school , his travels , his parents , life back then and his struggles . My dad is definitely is a great story teller .  Listening to these stories is one of my favorite things to do and they truly make me happy and it keeps me wondering what my stories to my kids in the future would be like . I wish to become a great story teller just like my father
  • Watching the sea during the sunset : 2 of my favorite things combined together , it was truly a heavenly scene to watch . Mother nature was really killing it .

So, guys this was My January . hope you guys enjoyed and got to know more about me . I would love to hear all about your month . Byeee  guys and see you in my next post 🙂

Build a life

”when you grow old you tend to get told that the world is just the way that it is and that your life is to live your life inside the world and try not to get into too much trouble and maybe get an education  , get a job , make some money and have a family but life can bring a lot than that when you realize one thing , that everything around as that we call life is made up by people who are no smarter than you and you can build your own life where other people live in ” steve jobs . we should all get active and start creating the life we always dreamed of instead of living day by day the life that someone else created . Don’t force yourself to live this life , to fit in no build your own life , A life with your own rules , own system and own will . so, don’t live a life build one .

Inspired by Ashton kutcher speech

something to think about

Human beings had existed for 250,000 years , during that time 90 billion individuals had lived and died . you are one of 6.5 billion people now on the planet and 99.9% of your genes are the same as everyone else . The difference is in the remaining 0.1% . That o.1% sets you apart from other people . so , work on that 0.1 % to be different , to be better and to be you .

picture perfect

The thoughts in my mind leads me to the life I once thought I had . the life I was so eager to have … I was so eager to make .. to make the perfect picture have the perfect grades , the perfect hair and the perfect friends .It took me time to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect picture … there’s only your picture and its already perfect .YOU are perfect in your own way , you don’t need to have an A written all over your report , you don’t have to be the hottest girl out there , you don’t need a cute guy by your side in order to be perfect . YOU are the meaning of perfection . perfection is when you laugh so hard your mouth hurt , it’s the way your body move while listening to your favorite song to and it’s the rhythm of your heart beat while facing your fears . so, accept your picture , accept YOU and if you are too attached with the perfect picture to let go try to picture a new one with YOU in it . A picture without any filter , with no photo shop and no makeup , only YOU the real YOU , the perfect YOU .