I believe ………

I believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger …… I believe that pain is necessary but also temporary and that life comes in seasons

I believe that we are all equal men, women, straight, gay, bi , black or white ….. we are all human

I believe in speaking my mind, saying what i feel is right

I believe we should all love ourselves more  …. we should all spend more time alone thinking … i believe we should learn to survive on our own

I believe in taking risks because we only live once and without some danger life is just boring

I believe in god and my religion but i also believe people have the right to believe in any religion … and i believe atheists have the right not to believe ….. And I believe we should all be okay with that

I believe in dreaming, planning, working and building a life

I believe we all have a choice

I believe that none of us are perfect nor ever will

I believe gay people should have the right to get married anywhere

I believe we should all stop searching for lovers or forcing love … love will come when its turn to enter your life

I believe in good music and good taste

I believe in laughing and smiling to strangers

I believe we should all do what we want to do and what we love

I believe that us women our rights are take away from us and we should all start doing something about it

I believe in being kind and honest no matter what

I believe that everything happens for a reason

I believe that there is love everywhere

I believe that happiness is a choice

I believe in failing and trying again

I believe no one have the right to judge

And finally i believe we all got something to say and we all got beliefs. So, tell me what do you believe in. I would love to know so feel free to tell me anything in the comment section down below and i will see you all next time,Byeeeeeee 🙂


Dear, young me

Hi, young salwa. I am you and i won’t ask you ”How you are doing?” because i know. I know everything. I Know you are struggling right now but don’t be too upset because, everything that is happening now to you all this sadness, all these tears and all this pain is what made you who you are today. It surprisingly made you stronger. I remember how you used to think what a stupid phrase ” what doesn’t kill you makes you  stronger ” was  but, it turned out to be so true salwa. And another thing that is so true is that life comes in seasons and that you will never be sad for too long. You are actually happy now. I mean you still have bad days a lot but overall you’re happy and life is great. I know it’s a shock for you. You never thought you would be happy again but life surprised you. And i am really glad you didn’t give and i know how bad you wanted to sometimes.But thank you for not giving up because, life is beautiful and there’s tons in it you haven’t found out yet and you will keep discovering how beautiful it is until the day you die. Did you know that you became a writer? Who would have thought you salwa adly could write. I mean i had no idea. And you made a blog too. See things are working out  pretty good. well, the blog isn’t that big at all and i barely have likes or followers but i promise you i won’t give up just like i did before because i am sure things will work out at the end. You finally  know now what you wanna do and major in college. I Know you had such a hard time deciding and looking at different majors but i think you picked the right choice.your friend Dana left school. I Knew you were so upset about it but things are fine now and actually you friendship became better and you became closer. Also your childhood best friend lara returned to your school and you guys became closer than ever. You went to the philippines and you had so much fun there. Gossip girl is still one of your favorite shows, friends as well but sadly glee isn’t anymore. I Know you are so surprised right now because how much i used to love it but trust me it isn’t the same anymore and ever since cory monteith died i stopped watching it. Omg i forgot you don’t know he died but sadly he did. you will cry a lot but you will forget about it a little later. You know what is one of your favorite shows now. You will never guess it. The vampire Diares. I Know I Know you never liked it or even understood it but trust me it’s such an amazing show. You will fall in love with it. I think that’s pretty much all what changed. I have to go now but i hope to see you again. Bye salwa and i wish you the best. May the odds be forever in your favor 🙂

I Would also really love to hear what you guy’s would say to your younger self’s or any advice you have for them because it’s really interesting to know and it may help someone out there who is struggling with a problem you once had. So, feel free to write anything or any advice you have in the comments below. Thank you and i love you so much 🙂

DON’t CARE ( How to not give a fudge? )

The art of expressing yourself without taking in account what others may think of you . Well, the word art maybe a little too much. It’s really simple to not care .If you want something then that’s an enough reason to do it and no one have the right to even discuss it with you. But now days people seem to put much thought in what others may think or do and there are far many reasons for that. but, today we are here to solve this problem . We will try to be a part of the solution not the problem . So, I am going to give you the tools you need to master this art .
1. Cut off the excess weight
Cut the negative people out of your life , or what I like to call the excess weight .Those people can be represented as heavy weights that you keep carrying with you everywhere all day and they just make it harder, they make your life harder. So, just drop them off , drop that excess weight and live freely and happily. you are not in need there silly comments on every detail in your life. you don’t need their negative energy. you don’t need them to drag you down with them . so, just get rid of them . I have a great analogy that will help you to understand the effect of these people and the hold they have on your life . Picture in your mind a chair and now picture yourself standing on that chair. Now picture one of your negative friends standing next to you but on the ground and now picture your friend trying to drag you, to bring you down with him , to bring you back to the ground where you started. it takes one second for that person to bring you crashing down on the ground . Its hard, isn’t it ? only a single second to destroy everything you worked for . so, if these people don’t respect you and respect the descions  you make in life than they definitely don’t get to earn a place in it .This is your life and you get to choose who stays in and who gets out and there is nothing they can do about it . will they arrest you for cutting them off of your life ??, you read it right YOUR LIFE . I need you to emphasize on that word ”your” because as how simple it may seem as how meaningful it actually is, it’s used to show that this life belongs to you, and no one has the right to interfere. This is your life . you’re the king, and your life is your kingdom and you get to rule it. But why allow others to invade your kingdom, when it was meant for you. So, think well when choosing who to spend time with because as much as it seems so simple as much complications it will bring to your kingdom.
2. Haters gonna hateee & people gonna judgeeee
It’s a very well known fact that we people tend to criticize a lot . we criticize life , food , school and finally fellow human beings. But you need to understand that criticism is just a natural behavior and it doesn’t mean surely that there is something wrong with you . People criticizing life doesn’t mean that life isn’t beautiful this is just how they see it. So, people criticizing you doesn’t also mean that you aren’t wonderful . You need to realize that people will judge you no matter what , no matter how good or sweet you are they are going to judge . There not a single person in this planet who hasn’t been judged , beyonce was judged , ghandi was judged , prophet Mohamed was judged , but you know what its okay. Because you weren’t born in this life to please any one , this isn’t the reason behind your existence. This isn’t why you were born , you were born for far more important reasons than that ,.you were born to aspire and inspire you were born to create, to love, to live , and trust me you’re not doing so . its time you start questioning your actions towards these people , I once heard a great analogy about this topic .. Picture in your mind a tree and on that tree a bird singing (that bird represents you) so you’re a bird… you are doing your thing your singing and your happy and while your singing a guy comes to you and started to thank you for making this morning more beautiful by your voice , what will the bird do (you), he will just keep singing and then other guy comes around and start shouting to you for waking him up by your annoying voice , what will the bird do (you)he will also just keep singing … so keep doing your thing no matter what .. Keep living. Also understand that there’s people who won’t like you sometimes for no apparent reasons… this is just how it works… its like science some people just don’t react well with each other. Moreover, remember that you can be the sweetest piece of peach ever and there still will be that one person who doesn’t like peaches. Just don’t care if they like you , hate you or judge you . you don’t need them in order to be successful , so keep being yourself , keep doing what you love and keep going .
3. We are who we are
Learn to accept yourself , accept your flaws , accept your failures and overall accept everything that makes you you, and understand again that there is not a single person on this planet that hadn’t fail. Einstein failed school and got kicked out , Mendeleyev who invented the periodic table failed to enter the university of Moscow , but the point is that failures don’t define you and that every time you fail your one step closer to success. So, just don’t give up so easily and understand that this doesn’t mean that you are going to fail no matter what , this means that failure is just a stage in life which you’re going to go through and benefit from .so, don’t rely on the fact that failure is necessary and just keep failing , no keep going and when failure comes your way don’t give up and accept your flaws . Understand that you’re not perfect and you will never be perfect , because that’s what humanity is about . In my own dictionary humanity means imperfection. It means striving to be the best un perfect person . So, don’t stress about your flaws and just accept them and that’s the key for not giving a fudge, So, accept YOU.
4. Tick tock don’t stop
Live your life. Most of us just exist. I myself used to just exist. But more people need to start living. Because if you don’t live your life now when will you live it , live your life , enjoy it , go out , make friends , laugh a ton , work hard , succeed , fail , dream , dream until the dream come true , start NOW , right now. I want you from this moment on to start living and don’t care for what anyone have to say about your choices , about your decisions , about YOUR life . Honestly none of this will matter 20 years from now ,Will you even remember these people name ??. All you will remember is the life you wished you have lived and all you will feel is regret for letting those people affect you and affect your life. And it’s never too late to change and remember that everything and everyone deserves a chance . So, give your life a chance, give yourself a chance to be. MAKE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE.