Dear, young me

Hi, young salwa. I am you and i won’t ask you ”How you are doing?” because i know. I know everything. I Know you are struggling right now but don’t be too upset because, everything that is happening now to you all this sadness, all these tears and all this pain is what made you who you are today. It surprisingly made you stronger. I remember how you used to think what a stupid phrase ” what doesn’t kill you makes you  stronger ” was  but, it turned out to be so true salwa. And another thing that is so true is that life comes in seasons and that you will never be sad for too long. You are actually happy now. I mean you still have bad days a lot but overall you’re happy and life is great. I know it’s a shock for you. You never thought you would be happy again but life surprised you. And i am really glad you didn’t give and i know how bad you wanted to sometimes.But thank you for not giving up because, life is beautiful and there’s tons in it you haven’t found out yet and you will keep discovering how beautiful it is until the day you die. Did you know that you became a writer? Who would have thought you salwa adly could write. I mean i had no idea. And you made a blog too. See things are working out  pretty good. well, the blog isn’t that big at all and i barely have likes or followers but i promise you i won’t give up just like i did before because i am sure things will work out at the end. You finally  know now what you wanna do and major in college. I Know you had such a hard time deciding and looking at different majors but i think you picked the right choice.your friend Dana left school. I Knew you were so upset about it but things are fine now and actually you friendship became better and you became closer. Also your childhood best friend lara returned to your school and you guys became closer than ever. You went to the philippines and you had so much fun there. Gossip girl is still one of your favorite shows, friends as well but sadly glee isn’t anymore. I Know you are so surprised right now because how much i used to love it but trust me it isn’t the same anymore and ever since cory monteith died i stopped watching it. Omg i forgot you don’t know he died but sadly he did. you will cry a lot but you will forget about it a little later. You know what is one of your favorite shows now. You will never guess it. The vampire Diares. I Know I Know you never liked it or even understood it but trust me it’s such an amazing show. You will fall in love with it. I think that’s pretty much all what changed. I have to go now but i hope to see you again. Bye salwa and i wish you the best. May the odds be forever in your favor 🙂

I Would also really love to hear what you guy’s would say to your younger self’s or any advice you have for them because it’s really interesting to know and it may help someone out there who is struggling with a problem you once had. So, feel free to write anything or any advice you have in the comments below. Thank you and i love you so much 🙂


25 thoughts on “Dear, young me

  1. What I would say to my younger self… That’s a tough one.

    Well, I always wanted things to go a certain way, but as I got older, I learned that sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to, that’s ok. There’s a difference between ambition and being close minded. So as to the advice, it would probably be, it’s ok to want something but realise that you learn and grow everyday, you change, be open to it, you’ll be better for it.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting and for your advice. Thats a really good advice and so true but i kinda have a problem if things didn’t go the way i want it to be but that comment really helped and i am sure it will help others as well. I will try to always keep that in my mind and use it when i found my self being close minded. Thank you so much, love ya 🙂

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  2. Well, I have always struggled with my childhood insecurities. Everything started when I realized that I looked different than all the other kids in school. (I was the only asian girl in my entire elementary and up to highschool). Back then I thought that this was something bad. I always wanted to fit in. I always wanted to be like everybody else. Have the kind of parents just like everybody else and just blend in. It was only couple of years ago when it came to me, that being different, looking different, is a gift. It sets you apart from all the minions out there. I would tell my younger self that when you’re a teenager, everything seems like the end of the world, but in fact.. it is just the start.


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    1. ”when you are a teenager, everything seems like the end of the world, but in fact .. it is the just the start” what a wonderful phrase. I think i am gonna start quoting you there. THANK YOU so much for taking the time and commenting. It means a lot to me. It helped me and i am sure anyone else who reads it. Your words are so true and i was trying to visit your site but i think you deleted or there is something wrong with my blog. But if you did. I don’t think its a good choice. I can see from that comment that you can write so you should start blogging again (PS you look so beautiful in that photo) 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it and i really enjoyed reading some of your posts. You have a wonderful blog and would you like to give any advice.? I am sure you have an amazing advice for anyone reading this 🙂


  3. It was like I was reading about myself! got a bit teary at the start ya when people think you aren’t good enough! ANYWAYS you are amazing and I hate growing up!Now being 22 I am like “God! just let me stay the same”..I have grown up listening to all the Britney spears hit and life wasn’t complicated and what i miss the most was that my naivety wasn’t taken personally! now people assume the worst of you and it hurts deep down! they cant even seem we are young at heart! but the world is a bitter place!
    Lol! I got a bit emotional but you are awesome !did i mention? you are… 🙂

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    1. Omg thank you so much. You are the awesome one here. your comment literally made my day, You can’t imagine how much happiness it brought to me and i really loved your poems and i am looking forward to your upcoming one’s. God!! you really made my day after reading your comment i kept smiling and laughing like a weirdo for about 10 min thank god no was watching, today was great because of you thanks 🙂 how was your day??i would really love to know, and i would absolutely love to interact more with you. This comment is getting really long but again thank you so much, you’re a wonderful human being, Love ya, bye ❤ 🙂

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      1. Thanks a ton! Same pinch I get all giddy with comments as well..we ll make great friends and do u have a facebook link..I ll add you? And is salwa your name?
        My day went great because Seemed like a fortune with my comments pouring in my kitty :p
        Much love!xx will be waiting for ur fb link or whatever suits you:)


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  4. Brilliant post. I don’t think any of us could have guessed the way we would turn out as adults. A lot of things that we thought would be there forever disappear and are replaced by brand new things… and that’s okay. Life has a funny way of making up for the things you lose.

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    1. Aww thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it and you are so right, life really do have a funny way of making up for things. Anyways i read your post and it’s lovely and keep chasing your dreams and never give up because you are strong. Thanks again and I hope to see you here more often 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, this really made my day and thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and I am sorry I accedently deleted your comment on my last post, I am
      So sorry but I want to thank you for the kind words 🙂 🙂 I hope to see you here ore often and best of luck 🙂

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      1. Hey salwa dont be sorry dear…Whenever new post from your side i will be there to read it…it will be pleasure to read nice article from nice person 🙂 So please dont say sorry….have a good time ahead cheers 🙂 🙂


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