picture perfect

The thoughts in my mind leads me to the life I once thought I had . the life I was so eager to have … I was so eager to make .. to make the perfect picture ..to have the perfect grades , the perfect hair and the perfect friends .It took me time to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect picture … there’s only your picture and its already perfect .YOU are perfect in your own way , you don’t need to have an A written all over your report , you don’t have to be the hottest girl out there , you don’t need a cute guy by your side in order to be perfect . YOU are the meaning of perfection . perfection is when you laugh so hard your mouth hurt , it’s the way your body move while listening to your favorite song to and it’s the rhythm of your heart beat while facing your fears . so, accept your picture , accept YOU and if you are too attached with the perfect picture to let go try to picture a new one with YOU in it . A picture without any filter , with no photo shop and no makeup , only YOU the real YOU , the perfect YOU .


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