Dear, me

I am feeling so down right now. I know that’s normal and I’ve been really happy for a while now. So, I saw that coming but, as always I’ve no idea what’s wrong. But all I know is that I hate it here, I hate it so much. No matter how much I love this place and how much I love my family and friends. I hate living here. There’s so many places I would rather be at now and there is so  many things I would love to do. I would love to travel, to experience new thing, to meet new people and to work. I feel like I am trying so hard but still this is not what I want. I want adventure and success and I am never gonna get it from this room, this house and this country. I wanna travel, I wanna live on my own and if that is what I wanna do. Then, that’s what is going to happen. And as my role model Blair Waldorf says ”If you want something you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it”. I know I have to finish college until I go anywhere but, until then I am determined to have the time of my life. I will work so hard, I will achieve my dreams, I will keep writing and I will keep exploring. My dreams is all i got and i am no gonna give up on them.This may be hard but it’s worth it and i have to be worthy of being human

Don’t ever give up your dreams for anyone or anything. You are the only one who matters. And you don’t need anyone you have you. That’s enough. Dream on, dream on, dream until the dream come true.

This made me feel so much better and i want you to feel better. So, tell me in the comments below what’s on your mind, what’s your dreams and how you plan on making them true and if your facing any struggles. If you don’t mind sharing of course. And if you mind maybe write it and keep it for yourself.Thank you so much for reading and i will see you all next time, Byeeee 🙂 🙂

(ps. I wrote a similar post titled ” Dear, young me ” a message to my younger self. I got great feedback out of that post. I would love if you guy’s checked it out, thanks)


Congratulate yourself

Thank you me, thank you for everything you have done so far, thank you. Congratulate yourself, congratulate yourself for all the work you have done, for all the things you achieved and for all the pain you felt. It may not be a lot but its definitely worth being thanked for , thanked because you didn’t give up and god only knows how bad you wanted to sometimes , because you kept strong even when you felt like it was over and finally because you kept going when all you saw was darkness . Life is hard and we have all been through a lot, but don’t be too hard on yourself too. In order to keep going you need to remind yourself with your powers and appreciate those powers in order for them to grow bigger. If you are here now and you reading this then, congratulate yourself, say thank you, or write a message where you show how grateful YOU are for YOU, or spoil yourself by a box of chocolate or a pair of shoes or maybe even a trip to Paris or stay in for tomorrow and just relax in bed while watching your favorite show and snuggling up with your dog or you know what don’t set an alarm for tomorrow. The ideas are endless but the aim is one ”self congratulation”. We are often thanking others but we forget to thank ourselves first, you are whom you should really be thankful for .NEVER FORGET THAT.