Congratulate yourself

Thank you me, thank you for everything you have done so far, thank you. Congratulate yourself, congratulate yourself for all the work you have done, for all the things you achieved and for all the pain you felt. It may not be a lot but its definitely worth being thanked for , thanked because you didn’t give up and god only knows how bad you wanted to sometimes , because you kept strong even when you felt like it was over and finally because you kept going when all you saw was darkness . Life is hard and we have all been through a lot, but don’t be too hard on yourself too. In order to keep going you need to remind yourself with your powers and appreciate those powers in order for them to grow bigger. If you are here now and you reading this then, congratulate yourself, say thank you, or write a message where you show how grateful YOU are for YOU, or spoil yourself by a box of chocolate or a pair of shoes or maybe even a trip to Paris or stay in for tomorrow and just relax in bed while watching your favorite show and snuggling up with your dog or you know what don’t set an alarm for tomorrow. The ideas are endless but the aim is one ”self congratulation”. We are often thanking others but we forget to thank ourselves first, you are whom you should really be thankful for .NEVER FORGET THAT.


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