Absorbed by the light

I was trying so hard to write something inspirational and motivational no matter how much i tried i wasn’t able too. I couldn’t write, i couldn’t lie. I am sad, tired and uninspired and i wasn’t able to know why. Everything is going great. I am doing what i love and what i want and i’ve been happy for a long time now. I couldn’t find an explanition to why am i feeling this way.  I felt like i was walking so fast  and i didn’t know where i was going. Finally i knew what was wrong and why i was feeling this way. I watched a video which explained everything and i am sure some of you may relate to this. He explained how we people can easily get absorbed by the light. I will explain, some of us have been in the darkness for such a long time or even for a short period of time and suddenly all this light comes in, all this happiness enter your life. It overwhelms you, it’s a lot to take. At first you will try to keep up with it but it’s a matter of time when you will get tired but, this is just one of the many stages of life and dealing with darkness and sadness. we already been through a lot, we handled a lot. we just need to handle this too and life will get even better than before. And this is totally normal when someone is in the dark and suddenly get exposed to sunlight it overwhelms him, he can’t open his eyes at first but he adjusts later. so, wait and never lose hope. I will, i will take this slow, i will stop running from the darkness cause i’ve already escape. I will take a moment, catch my breath and absorb the light before it absorbs me.